Enzymes Are the Strongest Mildew Cleaners 

While other natural cleaning products rely solely on citrus as a primary ingredient, the biodegradable cleaning ingredients in Naturally It’s Clean™ enzymes are far more effective. Our line of products actually merges the best of both worlds in the natural house-cleaning market. Most of our products do in fact contain natural citrus- or flower-based additives to provide a pleasant scent: orange, mango, lavender or lemon.

But the primary ingredient in our cleaners (in addition to water) is enzymes.

Natural Enzymes: powerful enough to clean large oil spills

And here’s why enzymes work better as a main cleaning ingredient: unlike, say, lemon, enzymes naturally biodegrade mildew, grease, grime, dirt, blood and other filth. Enzymes naturally destroy the organic matter that mildew feeds on. Citrus cleaners do not accomplish this.

The human body contains enzymes that break down food we eat into specific nutrients for energy. The enzyme lactase breaks down milk sugar (lactose). We are literally feeding our internal enzymes; they should be declared as dependents on a tax return!

Naturally It’s Clean™ starves mildew from growing back

If you’re looking for a safe, natural house cleaner and do some web research, you’ll likely see several blogs touting citrus-based products. Again, nothing against citrus, but if you want to truly eliminate the source of the mildew, etc., enzymes are Mother Nature’s most powerful cleaner. There’s a good reason enzymes–and not lemons–are used to clean up oil spills.

Citrus cleaners, metaphorically speaking, provide a Band-Aid approach to home cleaners. They may make your countertops and floors smell nice but they do not eliminate the buffet of organic matter that undesirable mildew feeds off of.

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Why Are Enzymes the Best Natural Cleaners?

Next time you eat something, give thanks to the enzymes that help break down food into fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

You probably never think about enzymes, at least not when you’re eating.

But when it comes to cleaning your home, if you want a natural cleaner that works well, think about enzymes. Naturally It’s Clean™ uses purified plant-based enzymes as its main cleaning ingredients.

Similar to our digestive tracts containing enzymes–protease to break down proteins; amylase for carbs; lipase for fats; cellulase for fiber; etc…–plants also contain enzymes; they are Mother Nature’s most powerful cleaner.

Enzymes are catalysts for chemical processes. If there’s grease on your kitchen counter, the enzymes in Naturally It’s Clean™ kitchen cleaner speeds up the biodegrading of the grease.

Hate Odors? Enzymes Naturally Kill Odors

Enzymes are highly efficient cleaners. They’re good for the environment because they break down grease, grime, and other forms of dirt into their basic elements like oxygen, carbon and hydrogen.

This process, in turn, completely removes offending odors because the source of the odor is broken down naturally (biodegraded). Many cleaners remove odors by merely masking the scent. Enzymes completely remove the odor by naturally removing the organic substances that dirt feeds on.

What Can Enzymes Clean?

Everything. Some people who have tried other natural cleaners in the past, might be surprised to learn that enzymes can remove mildew stains, very effectively.

How do enzymes do this? Not by killing the fungus that causes mildew, but by bio-degrading (read: naturally removing) the organic materials that mildew grows in. (Do not confuse ‘organic’ in the same sense as organic food; organic ingredients in a cleaner refers to its chemical property, that is, it contains carbon.)

When harsh chemicals are used to kill fungus, they don’t always break down the organic matter that mildew feeds on. The result: mildew grows back fast. With enzymes on the job, the organic matter is broken down and mildew has nothing to survive in; the mildew will not return as quickly.

Enzymes, besides effectively cleaning mildew, also work on the following:

It’s a good thing our intestines have enzymes to break down our food, otherwise we’d have no energy. And it’s a good thing plants contain enzymes otherwise we’d have a hard time cleaning our houses without using harsh chemicals.

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