Enzymes Are the Strongest Mildew Cleaners 

While other natural cleaning products rely solely on citrus as a primary ingredient, the biodegradable cleaning ingredients in Naturally It’s Clean™ enzymes are far more effective. Our line of products actually merges the best of both worlds in the natural house-cleaning market. Most of our products do in fact contain natural citrus- or flower-based additives to provide a pleasant scent: orange, mango, lavender or lemon.

But the primary ingredient in our cleaners (in addition to water) is enzymes.

Natural Enzymes: powerful enough to clean large oil spills

And here’s why enzymes work better as a main cleaning ingredient: unlike, say, lemon, enzymes naturally biodegrade mildew, grease, grime, dirt, blood and other filth. Enzymes naturally destroy the organic matter that mildew feeds on. Citrus cleaners do not accomplish this.

The human body contains enzymes that break down food we eat into specific nutrients for energy. The enzyme lactase breaks down milk sugar (lactose). We are literally feeding our internal enzymes; they should be declared as dependents on a tax return!

Naturally It’s Clean™ starves mildew from growing back

If you’re looking for a safe, natural house cleaner and do some web research, you’ll likely see several blogs touting citrus-based products. Again, nothing against citrus, but if you want to truly eliminate the source of the mildew, etc., enzymes are Mother Nature’s most powerful cleaner. There’s a good reason enzymes–and not lemons–are used to clean up oil spills.

Citrus cleaners, metaphorically speaking, provide a Band-Aid approach to home cleaners. They may make your countertops and floors smell nice but they do not eliminate the buffet of organic matter that undesirable mildew feeds off of.

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What Does ‘pH-Balanced’ Mean?

No doubt you’ve heard hundreds of commercials for skin care and other beauty products that advertise as being “pH-balanced.”

Sounds like a great thing to be pH-balanced, but relatively few people likely know what it means.

In case you were absent in chemistry class, the day pH was taught, here’s a basic primer:

  • ‘pH’ stands for potential Hydrogen

  • The pH scale goes from 0-14

  • 1-6.9 is ‘acidic’ (the lower the more acidic)

  • 7 is neutral (pure water is just about 7)

  • 7.1-14 is alkaline (alkalines are also referred to as a “base”)

When something is pH-balanced it does not necessarily mean that it is neutral, or 7.0 on the pH scale.

In terms of skin care, pH-balanced implies that a product will not irritate or dry out the skin. The skin on our faces is naturally acidic. This, contrary to what one might think, is a good thing. Our face should retain moisture. If you use a soap that’s too alkaline, your face will dry out.

The Best Cleaning Products Are pH Neutral

Most brands of household cleaners you’d find in the supermarket use very strong (some would say ‘harsh’) ingredients that have a pH level  that’s either very acidic or very alkaline. For the last 200 years, that’s basically how all cleaners have worked: acidic ingredients to break down alkalines and vice versa.

Most cleaning products also contain detergents to separate dirt from it’s surface. Surfactants are also used to ‘trap’ the dirt on a sponge or other cleaning tool.

But since Naturally It’s Clean™ uses purified, plant-based enzymes, our household cleaners are pH neutral. If you have marble floors or any other sensitive building material–of if your health is sensitive to harsh chemicals–you’ll want to buy a pH-neutral house cleaner.

Just How Acidic Are Some Cleaners?

The pH scale may imply that something with a pH level of 6 is slightly less acidic than water, or neutral. This is not the case. A difference of 1 on the pH scale equates to a tenfold difference.

Urine, which measures 6.0 on the pH scale is ten times more acidic than pure water, at 7.0

Some common cleaning ingredients include vinegar and lemon juice, which measure, respectively, 2.9 and 2.3, or at least 10,000 times more acidic than enzymes! Enzymes work better anyway, often being called upon to do the job on large oil spills.

Many cleaning products use chemicals that are even more extreme on the pH scale.

Want a neutral pH house cleaner that’s safe for you, your floors, and your family?

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American Made Natural House Cleaner

There’s “Made in America” and then there’s “100% Made in America….”

An increasing number of American shoppers are choosing to buy products that are made in America.

But many brands who advertise their products as “Made in America” aren’t telling the whole story.

Take household cleaners, for example.

Naturally It’s Clean™ natural house cleaning product line is 100% American Made. This means that every single component of our product was produced, packaged and bottled on American soil.

Our enzymes were produced in the USA and so were the bottles of our formulated-for-the-task cleaning products as well as the packets of our stain eraser.

Most house cleaners are packaged in bottles that comes with a sprayer (the component with the squeeze nozzle) that’s made in China. But because the chemicals in the cleaning products were formulated here in the U.S. means that they can advertise their products as ‘American Made.’

If American-Made Means Something to You, Ask Questions

Although you’d like to have trust in the products you buy, you can’t always be sure that when a company says “Made in America” that it’s truly 100% Made in America.

If you’re unsure whether or not the products you use are 100% Made in America, call the brand and ask where their packaging and bottling supplies are made.

Distributors, such as those that sell spray bottles, may carry both an American line and a line from the other side of the world. The sprayer from each company can look identical, but one company provides American workers with jobs while the other does not.

Naturally It’s Clean™ Goes the Extra Mile to Make Sure It’s Made in America

Naturally It’s Clean™ pays more money to use sprayers that are made in America. That’s why we can claim 100% Made in America rather than just “American Made” or “Made in America.”

We have found that American sprayers have greater durability, so in the end, our customers end up saving money and helping the environment by not having to throw away dysfunctional spray bottles.

We promise to scrutinize every package from our supplier to make sure that we are always using American-made products. That’s our vow to you, the conscientious shopper….

Buy “100% Made in America” Naturally It’s Clean™ here.

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Safe and Effective House Cleaners

An increasing number of  consumers are looking for eco-friendly cleaners for the home.

But some shoppers are skeptical of natural home cleaning products. The common assumption is that they are more expensive and don’t disinfect as effectively as cleaners with strong chemicals.

Environmentally-conscious consumers want non-toxic cleaners that not only smell nice but are safe for the whole family, even newborns. In order for the purchase of ‘green’ house cleaners to be justified, they must have more than a pleasant lemony-fresh scent–they need to actually work.

That’s why Naturally It’s Clean™ was created. We wanted to provide the American public with a natural cleaner that’s both safe AND effective.

Different products but same ingredients

Many mainstream cleaning brands have a line of different house cleaning products, each with unique, cleverly designed packaging, but the formulas are the same for each product.

But Naturally It’s Clean™ uses a proprietary blend of Pure & Fresh Enzymes™ that are specifically formulated for individual cleaning tasks. Our natural floor cleaner contains a different enzyme blend than our natural mildew cleaner. The Pure & Fresh Enzymes™ in our Tub & Tile cleaner differs from our all-natural kitchen cleaner, and so on.

Our line of natural home cleaning products is scientifically formulated for each task so you can rest assured that you’re not buying the same product in a different bottle.

You wouldn’t expect to go to a car dealership and have every car contain the same engine and interior design, would you?  If you want the strongest natural cleaners for individualized tasks, Naturally It’s Clean™ uses scientific research to determine the best enzyme blend for every kind of dirty mess.

Buy Naturally It’s Clean™ here.